Hospital visitors are misled into thinking a cat is pregnant when, in reality, he is just overweight.

At a vet clinic, a meaty, fat cat spends all of its time sleeping. Visitors to the hospital were perplexed since, despite the fact that a well-fed cat is hard to overlook, his seeming fatness might be misleading. This anecdote is pretty humorous.

The cat belongs to a doctor of medicine. He weighed 29 pounds when she picked him up from a neighboring shelter. And the cat’s new owner quickly discovered that his heart was far bigger for people than his waist. According to the veterinarian, the cat likes exploring the office and behaving properly when receiving guests.

He enjoys occupying the entire entrance and drawing everyone’s attention to his outstanding physique. The cat’s owner decided it was crucial to put a note outlining the situation on the window where the cat frequently sat.

Thanks to the owner’s efforts, he has already lost a total of 25 pounds. Although the cat is overweight, its overall health and mobility are superb. The cat can hear food falling from the opposite end of the clinic because he has unusually strong hearing.

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