Baby lamb’s own special wheelchair has enabled her to stand up for the first time.

Animals with disabilities could find life difficult since they might find it difficult to move about independently. But thankfully, there are caring people ready to step up and help, using a little creativity to give these animals the freedom they need.

A baby lamb was just given a tailored wheelchair by a humanitarian organization to help her survive. Kicki struggled to survive when her mother rejected her after she was born on a farm. She was malnourished and unable to walk on her own since lambs depend on their moms for nutrition.

Fortunately, the organization took the lamb in and said they would give her another opportunity. Despite overcoming challenges and receiving superb care, the lamb’s rescuers knew she wouldn’t be secure until she could stand by herself.

According to the blog post, she spent a lot of her early years lying down and is only able to relax on one side of her body, which results in terrible pressure sores.

Fortunately, the organization was able to help her by giving her a harness. It’s a huge stride for her to be able to stand by herself. Her carers are happy and satisfied with the lamb’s progress, despite the fact that the rehabilitation process will take some time.

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