The bronze memorial to the dog that passed away 100 years ago receives daily sticks from the town’s citizens to place at its paws.

Bundles of sticks must be frequently removed from the animal’s burial by cemetery staff. However, they don’t object since people give him stuff for a purpose, so why should they?

Over one hundred years ago, Rex the dog passed away. On the other hand, city dwellers remember the amiable dog of a nearby fruit vendor. Even a full-size bronze copy of the city’s most recognizable animal was erected as a monument.

Recently, a picture of the dog’s burial appeared on social media. It came out that the locals frequently lay sticks and tree branches next to his monument. Social media users were interested in this piece and many of them wanted to know why people were acting in this way.

Then, a commenter on the picture said that the sticks were a tribute to a particular dog that the grandparents had taught their grandchildren about.

.The dog’s cemetery is also visited by locals who have lost canines. They bribe the bronze duplicate of him with sticks to behave like their beloved animals until they can see them again.

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