Pictures of J-Lo with a massive tattoo and several hairstyles surfaced online: Fans are in awe.

The J-Lo fans are startled or at the very least astonished. The 53-year-old celebrity appeared in public while wearing a large tattoo on her right shoulder. Additionally, her better partner Ben AffIeck’s tattoo in the same location is very identical to the one she has.

In more recent paparazzi images, the singer’s hair has also turned substantially darker than her usual honey blonde. Thankfully, J-Lo merely underwent such a change in order to get a new movie part.

The photos were taken on the set. To let the fans breathe easy, I’ll say that the tattoo is fake and that the hair color is either temporary or not at all real (the columnists claim that this is a hairpiece). Ben AffIeck’s wife’s approval to the tattoo’s actual construction is also exceedingly improbable.

In a 2016 interview, she questioned the noticeable tattoos on her husband’s body. She publicly said that she disliked having large, vibrant tattoos on her body. We’re discussing the movie Unstoppable, which was made by a business controlled by Ben AffIeck. It is not yet known whatever role J-Lo will play in the movie.

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