A source claims that Travi$ has opinions regarding the rumor that Timothe ChaIamet and KyIie Jenner are dating.

Although it lasted a long time, the relationship between the rapper and the youngest member of the renowned family was problematic. Before getting back together, the pair had previously broken up. The last time the young guardians argued, it was at the beginning of January, and only the rapper suffered a negative outcome.

An insider ultimately revealed all of the cards. Her relationship with the actor seemed to be little more than a way for her to distance herself from her split with the children’s father. But it was missing. Months later, her meticulous family finally came around and agreed with her choice.

He admires her confidence and thinks she is attractive, according to a source. Her ex-boyfriend is unhappy with her for starting a new life so soon after their separation. Regardless, the situation didn’t escalate into a scandal.

‘ The insider said, “They’re both focused on parenting and raising children to the best of their abilities.” Let’s wait for the rapper’s answer to the children’s coworker and their mother’s new beau before declaring him to be a great dad.

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