Daniel Radcliffe’s first child was born, and people have praised the young parents.

Normally, the performer, who makes an effort to keep his personal life private, would not talk about it; nevertheless, the paparazzi caught the young father while he was out with his child in New York. The stroller blocks the view of the baby’s face. Internet users, however, are confident that he will copy the star.

In the comments area, followers express their happiness and congrats on the birth of his first kid. Fans have speculated that the stars are expecting a boy based on the stroller’s color, even though the baby’s gender is yet unknown.

Coincidentally, some of them are debating whether he will be accepted for a position in the new television series due to the well-known book series. Of course, he won’t be able to play himself, but he most certainly could. The series’ makers also hinted that they weren’t planning to overlook the actors from the original movie.

We are looking forward to any updates on the series and will keep a careful eye on him. We’re still holding out hope that he’ll bring up the child in one of the interview

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