Britney Spears will pen a memoir about her life; her price for the book will surprise you.

The name of the celebrity has just returned to everyone’s lips. However, none of that has anything to do with amazing shows, new albums, or Grammy nominations. This happened as a result of her attempt to convince her father to relinquish custody of his daughter during an argument they had.

As a result, he declined to accept accountability for the singer’s wellbeing and existence. She just made it known that she is now ready to discuss the arduous journey she undertook to obtain freedom. Journalists claim that the artist has already started writing his candid memoirs after earning a lucrative deal.

She will reportedly get $15 million for this book, according to press reports. It is conceivable that she made this remark in response to her sister’s recent solo book release, which prominently featured the illustrious relative on numerous pages.

The contract between the artist and the publishing company was also disclosed to the press. Insiders claim that this transaction is now one of the largest in the book industry. Consider the $65 million they invested in 2017 to get the rights to their story.

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