The dog kept his human warm in the mountains for a week until they were found by rescuers.

This is the tale of a guy who, while walking his dog, lost his balance and fell into a glacier. A fascinating event came to a disastrous conclusion. There was no communication, making it difficult to report the incident. The traveler had run out of provisions and was unable to move—not even to crawl—due to his wounds. The weather was cool.

The Italian wrapped the dog and himself in whatever he could find to stay warm, including topographical maps, twigs, and leaves. In severe discomfort, the man crawled to the brook, where he collected some items and took some water. Days passed. Even though the tourist was supposed to return at this point, he and his dog are still struggling to survive in their new surroundings.

The Italian spent seven days and nights by himself, just his dependable dog at his side. On February 18, finally, he was found by rescuers. The guest said that the only reason he was still alive was because of him.

The man and his dog were taken right away to a hospital. They’ve already arrived back at their house after a fruitless vacation. The Italian is pleased because he brought his animal with him. Without him, who knows what may have happened?

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