The woman bought an old plane, put it in the woods, and moved in.

Catherine was not without ideas when she learned she had nowhere to dwell and made the decision to buy the used plane for a small sum. She took a seat at the former Boeing, now an opulent, high-end hotel in the heart of the dense forest.

Catherine wasn’t sure she wanted to buy the plane straight now. She didn’t have enough money for even the most basic apartment, so she continued to look outside the city for accommodation. Even though the man was simply an air traffic controller, the brother-in-law stepped in to help.

He proposed the American acquire a decommissioned Boeing, which was the most straightforward course of action. Catherine barely paid $2,000. That’s around 150 thousand Russian rubles. The jet was graciously transported to the place I specified by the airline.

Several years were needed for the liner’s reconstruction. The toilet cabins have been replaced with a bathroom, and the luggage compartments have been transformed into spacious wardrobes with a jacuzzi, a full kitchen, and an oven. Just above the lake, the plane’s nose is specially positioned.

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