Mom takes the dog to the barbershop where it receives a human-style haircut.

When Brianna West went to the hair salon, she couldn’t help but tell her friend Christina Campbell about her new puppy, Lully. This cute puppy has brought her happiness and smiles ever since he first appeared in her home.

Brianna said to Michelle what a wonderful pet she had. Hearing about the puppy immediately made the dog-loving hairstylist realize how much she wanted to meet Lully. She insisted Brianna bring her animal the following time. When Brittany came with the puppy, her friend who also worked at the salon was thrilled, as did all of the clients.

When Lully saw his owner getting her hair done, he was first a little worried.

However, while Brittany was distracted, he quickly felt entirely at home at the salon and excitedly made friends with every client. All of the customers at the salon were ecstatic to have Lully there.

The visitors enjoyed watching the dog as the mother did her daughter’s hair.

After the hair and style, Brittany and Michelle helped Lully settle into the chair. The grins on everyone’s faces as they turned to look at the dog made him happy.

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