The cheerful lizard can’t help but smile when his toy best pal is around.

This adorable lizard has gone viral because of her breathtaking smile. When we think of adorable and cuddly creatures, our imaginations often lean toward fuzzy animals rather than reptilian ones. But everything may change if you meet Sayonara.

Her adorable smile has earned her a household name. Even now, Sayonara radiated contentment. But when he’s with a specific person, he completely smiles. Sayonara loves his tiny gecko dearly.

It’s a little plastic toy that looks like him. So maybe his pleasure is just a reflection of how he feels about himself. Sayonara soon gained popularity after its owner, Instagram user 509 tomo, posted images of the little toy and himself.

Many others wanted to know where they might get plastic toys for their own reptiles. But purchasing it might not be so easy. Sayonara’s owners reportedly found the little toy in a machine in Korea, according to Mail Online.

If Sayonara had Chimera, it seems like Sayonara would be the perfect friend. This is because geckos frequently suffer in shared dwellings.

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