It’s funny to watch how the little dog responds to the cake because he is pleased that someone remembers his birthday.

Tokyo, a little, cute dog, goes by that name. His owners recently celebrated his third birthday. or, more specifically, the day Tokyo became a part of their family. Tokyo lives with Janna Wilson and her family.

For three years, they had had the dog. And he shows them his love over the span of three years. Tokyo, says Janna, is a truly loyal buddy. He likes to play and cuddle.

The Wilson family decided to take all practical steps to set up a suitable festival for the adorable puppy, so they began preparing for his birthday early.

The day ultimately came, and a surprise party was held to mark the occasion.

The whole family wanted to do something to show their love for Tokyo. And they achieved total success. The Wilson family requested a special cake for dogs that was embellished with the appropriate decorations.

He was originally quite perplexed. Janna Wilson said that he was unaware of what it was. But he realized that the cake was for him when he observed that everyone was looking at him. And it seems like he was overjoyed.

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