Near his bedroom, a caring guy constructs a little room for his cat.

This cat was obtained by Brian and his family from a shelter. The little black and white cat adjusts to his new environment without any trouble and finds his favorite activity. He may gaze out the window for hours, watching for a bird to land on a branch or a squirrel to appear.

Despite this, the scenery outside the window was repetitive and the cat occasionally showed signs of boredom. Owner devised a creative solution. He pulled out his iPad and watched a “movie for cats” with the cat.

The cat was overjoyed in every way! Even his own television was there! But he didn’t stop there; he also chose to give the cat a separate room. Even though it was little, the cat was tiny. He then started working.

The owner’s bedroom walls were decorated with paintings of cats and a miniature fish model. He even used yarn to create a warm circular rug. To house an inclusive tablet, he lined a glass “showcase” on the wall; the makeshift television would be safely fixed and shielded from mischievous cat.

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