This young cow who was spared from an auction is now living with 12 dogs and believes she is one of them.

The small cow known as Moola has lived with a rescue organization. Moola is an unusual cow since the 12 dogs on the farm are her best friends. Moola was acquired at an animal auction and brought to the farm.

She was a little calf, far smaller than the normal calves. These kinds of cows are also unusual to find at auctions. The buddy bought the little cow and brought it to the sanctuary.

As Moola is still so young and reliant on milk, she is kept inside the house rather than outside with other cows. Inside the house, Moola first came upon the dogs, who had also been saved in a separate circumstance and transported to this farm.

Surprisingly, Spackle, a white bull terrier, received the most attention from the cow. She likes hanging out with youngsters and is immediately friendly with Moola. Moola undoubtedly began to think she was one of the dogs after six weeks of living with them.

However, she has recently been exposed to another rescued calf and taken outside for a short period of time on bright days. Wolf thinks that Moola will now understand that she is still a cow.

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