A TV-loving cat requests that her mother switch on her favorite shows every morning.

She was adopted from a shelter when she was 10 years old by the family of a cat by the name of Elia. She was never shy to talk about her loves and dislikes because she was already well aware of them. ‘Elia is normally a highly vocal and demanding cat.

She’s a lady who knows what she wants, so I can’t really condemn her for that. Emma Sewe, Elia’s owner, said. Elia had been residing with the family for about a month when the owner began watching The Grinch, which aroused her interest.

As a result, the cat developed a fondness for chat shows and television shows. Elia now regularly watches television. Since the early morning, she has been waiting for her two-legged mother to get out of bed so that she may turn on her favorite programs.

Furry’s current favorite show is Bino, however she formerly adored Rick and Morty. Elia’s owners are extremely touched and delighted by her love of television. They regularly watch their favorite movies with her as well.

The entire family, including the cat, makes some snacks, unwinds on the couch, and selects a program or film that everyone will love.

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