Meet this cute kitty with two facial colors.

Things are a little different when it comes to cats, especially if your name is Yana! The internet is going crazy about a curious kitten with an odd coat.

This adorable cat has a tendency to focus on faults that gives the impression that she has two faces.

When they painted her at birth, her parents must have ran out of ink. The most charming way possible, the cat stands out for her odd look. Her situation is referred to as a chimera, which is a rare instance of nature in which a person is composed of many cell types.

However, when they come together, they produce a single being with two different forms of DNA. Elizabeth, a designer and architect from Orsha, Belarus, takes after the lovely animals. Additionally, every famous and well-liked cat has an own Instagram account.

Given that you don’t see a cat like this very often, the distinctive and adorable cat has a sizable following on social media. Have you ever seen a cat that stunning? Please tell us in the comments.

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