Rescue dog insists on going to the gym with dad every day.

Upon seeing the stray dog, Karen’s supervisor decided to take her to a no-kill shelter. He later confessed to Karen that he had to have the puppy. Then Karen took her home.

When they took the dog to the vet, the owners subsequently discovered that she had numerous litters of puppies. The good man just left her since he thought she was probably having pups.

The dog merely hid for the first several months, refusing to emerge until she was rewarded or instructed to do so. However, after spending six months with her new home, the dog began to trust them. He was the perfect dog.

But after two years with Karen, she was a totally different dog. The dog appeared to be having a lot of fun. She wouldn’t let Karen go to the gym alone and even went there every day.

Running over to the gym, the friendly Labrador greeted everyone. She would then remain seated while she watched her owner and other people exercise. She made sure Karen was never out of her sight.

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