The policemen built a comfortable apartment for their new expert after this kitty kept showing up at the police station.

A missing kitty has been showing up at the police station for quite some time. Regardless, she arrived every time and never left. Police officers dubbed her the ‘police feline.’

For the last four years, the Police Department’s group has had an unofficial charm: a roaming cat that showed up at their central command one day and never left.

‘Over the years, we’ve tried a variety of tactics to encourage her to come in from the elements, but she stays obstinate,’ a cop posted on the internet. They started building her a little house to fit her outdoor lifestyle because nothing else seemed to work.

She was eventually able to secure an apartment unit that matched her status among the officers. The division states, “An experienced officer spent late after work for quite some time painstakingly setting up the feline’s new house.”

‘The house has a one-of-a-kind design, a big terrace for outdoor dining, and sliding glass entryways with views of the city.’ They also reported that the cat has settled in and looks to be enjoying his own customized cat abode.

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