A brave wildlife keeper sleeps close to four orphaned bears to help them relax and fall asleep.

Wild animal and wildlife enthusiasts never cease to surprise us. It’s tough to put into words how much affection they have for animals.

This fearless protector of animals and the environment is willing to go to any length to help the four bears, which each weigh roughly 1,500 pounds, feel at ease. He assists them in falling asleep by lying down and dozing next to them, for example.

Jim Kovalchuk is the name of this brave and compassionate individual. The Orphaned Wildlife Center was created by him and his wife. Orphaned bears are the focus of this rehabilitation center in Otisville, New York. Jim has always had a soft spot for animals. He was always trying to protect and assist them. But he had a unique fondness for bears. A married couple has been assisting a large number of bears in need since 1990. Jim, on the other hand, has never had such a strong bond with animals as he has with these four bears. Two of them are Kodiak bears, while the other two are brown bears from Syria. About 10 years ago, these four pals wound up in a rehabilitation clinic. And over the course of these ten years, they’ve developed a deep and unique attachment with the individual who looks for them.

The link between Jim and his four bears is so deep that even when he is not afraid, he falls asleep next to them to keep them peaceful and secure. This compassionate man may be seen napping close to his 1,500-foot companions in the photo below.

Jim and his pals not only sleep next to one other, but they also enjoy fun together. Playing in the snow is one of their favorite things to do together.

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