A low-income single woman constructed her own 18.5 square meter home.

Up until recently, Laura had to pay $1,300 a month to rent a little house. Due to the low wage and hefty rent, she had little prospect of making money. She paid her rent and food expenses with the cash she earned working at a cafe. But once the kids departed, everything changed, and Laura decided to make a change in her life.

Laura used the little money she was able to save to construct her own tiny home. She began browsing websites for tiny homeowners where individuals discussed how they constructed and made plans for their homes and financial security.

Laura moved from her enormous house into a modest home that she was able to build. She presently lives in an apartment that is 18.5 square meters in size. For the little property that her house is built on, Laura only pays $65 a month.

Laura generally reads or unwinds in the attic, which has a narrow stairway that fits through the home. From the living area, a second staircase leads to the bedroom. As you can see, Laura managed to cram a lot of furniture into this area to create the most cozy and welcoming space she could.

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