The actor Leonardo DiCaprio is charged of hypocrisy: He makes false statements to the public.

There is a new defense for children about 48-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio, the lone Hollywood ranger. Leonardo DiCaprio elevated the target of mockery this time. The actor is highly renowned for his environmental advocacy activities.

He donates millions of dollars to the preservation of the environment and shouts at summits that the earth has to be preserved in little doses. However, he is not willing to carry out his own directions. Leo took a tiny business jet to Sardinia, and when he was spotted leaving a private airport, he was in a good mood.

The actor has before been flown for such opulence, so everything would be alright. Private aircraft are reported to release 37 times more carbon dioxide than commercial aircraft. Furthermore, this truth has nothing to do with Leo’s public broadcasts.

Eco-activists were confused, just as they were in 2016 when the actor was first seen at a private airport. If Leo doesn’t react in any manner, trouble will always happen. Nowadays, environmentalists only need to make a few blog articles to really trouble Leonardo DiCaprio.

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