According to Amanda Seyfried, she likes ‘combining’ her two worlds: I am able to balance being a decent mother and an artist.

The actress is pleased with the example she is giving her kids. She would sit in the dressing room with my assistant and sketch. She claims that the whole wall of her dressing room was covered with drawings by her daughter. It was quite good. It’s fun for me to juggle my family’s schedule with my job.

You know, I felt really lucky to be able to do that. Before admitting that her older child may work in entertainment, much like her parents, the mother of two claimed she would keep her most memorable reward in her room.

When asked if she would urge her to pursue acting, the Make It Cute co-founder said, “For sure.” ‘I’m afraid,’ my spouse says. I said, “Let her do what she intends to do.” She was raised in the acting business. What are your expectations?

She said, “My girl really cried because she was confused by the way I addressed her through the television so I called her.” She ought to be asleep. She has school tomorrow! I wasn’t expecting that to be the answer.

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