The meme’s protagonist ages to 80. Harrison Ford is the subject of the day’s cutest photo.

The Hollywood veteran had a successful attendance at the Canes Film Festival. They began by introducing “Indiana Jones,” a brand-new and ongoing project for the 80-year-old performer.

The crowd applauded for six minutes as the actor said goodbye to his role and received the Palme d’Or for his contributions to the entertainment industry while crying.

All because of a charming hotel photo in which Caista Flockhart, the actor’s wife, is shown center stage wearing a luxurious gown while Ford himself is seen from the corner. A festival shot would have appeared to be lovely but merely decent, but observant fans took notice to one detail.

Particularly, the actor’s adoring face, which is best captured by the line “And this is all mine?! ” The case quickly gained popularity through online entertainment: In addition, after spending more than 20 years together, their sentiments haven’t altered. The actor himself spoke about two rules for a successful marriage in an interview: He believes that “not saying too much” and “nodding” are the two most crucial elements of a relationship with his wife.

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