The rabbit cares for the stray puppies, feeding and keeping them warm.

A large hole was formerly visible next to a Russian woman’s home. As she came closer, a rabbit sprang out of the hole. The woman said that a rabbit had vanished from a farm two kilometers away from the hamlet.

It seems that this rabbit dug a burrow and settled close to her home. The rabbit was highly receptive to her, so the woman began feeding it. For the rabbit, it was good enough to dwell freely in a hole.

The woman observed a large dog close to the hole on one of the cooler days. She feared about the life of the rabbit. However, she was surprised to see the dog and the rabbit cowering in the same burrow.

She stared inside the hole and soon saw little pups in there. The wife, though, seems more worried. The diversity of animals has increased. She was now feeding the puppies as well as the bunny.

The woman found out she had been shot when the dog failed to show up one day. After the disaster, the long-eared one looked after the puppies. He maintained a watch on the puppies, forbidding them from leaving the hole or petting them, and shooing away curious cats.

The rabbit kept the puppies warm and shielded them from the harsh frosts, preventing them from dying.

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