A 6-year-old saved a cat from the streets with all of his money, and then celebrated in the animal’s honor.

To the effort of saving and helping animals, everyone of us may add a grain of sand. Younger family members may have greater hearts and will do anything to help a little animal. That has been done by the son of Mina Sailor.

He had heard about the expenses associated with having a cat, therefore he intended to spend every last penny on adopting a kitten. The devoted son has demonstrated his readiness to go to tremendous lengths for his mother. “With his money, he bought her food and helped her get by.”

The two drove the animal to the vet to make sure everything was in order, and she requested her mother to help her count the money. When her kid turned one, Mina wanted to plan a party. Since all he could think of was his cat, he asked for the theme to be “the kitty.”

He thus imparted the value of saving and adopting animals to each and every one of his small buddies at the birthday party. His entire family is extremely proud of him and want to be just like him.

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