The dog is obsessed with new ducklings, and she treats them like her own.

Cappy, a German Shepherd, is widely known around here. Simply said, she loves all types of little creatures. She adores children and spends a lot of time with the ducks, kittens, and chicks on her family’s farm.

Since her family had recently acquired a large number of ducklings, Cappy was overjoyed. In these photos, little Cappy can be seen looking enthralled as he watches ducklings play in a puddle. She keeps focusing intently on the ducklings, as if she were under some type of spell.

Cappy lays the ground and begins staring in awe at the ducklings because she is so overcome with emotion. She merely keeps moving in an interesting way, giving the sense that she is possibly moved by being immersed in another universe, ignoring the real unpleasantness of the damp ground.

Dogs typically get unpredictable around the animals they adore, so Cappy’s calm, considerate attitude is a little odd. The ordinary little creatures are precious to her! She is quite appreciative of nature’s beauty and has a kind, sensitive personality. How kind and loving our Cappy is.

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