On New Year’s Eve, the owner, who had been looking for his dog for a year, found her online.

A dog named Athena survived a car accident, but she was left without a tail and one of her rear legs. When it came to seeking the best physicians to help his dog get well again, the owner did not skimp.

Then, just as the dog was continuing to receive therapy and was beginning to feel better, she disappeared. The owner looked for the dog all around the area, both physically and online using social media. She, however, was nowhere to be found. After looking for a year, nothing came up.

The family had no choice but to accept and go on. The man was looking at animal catalogs on shelter websites before the New Year. Then he saw a well-known face. He recognized his dog when he saw the dog’s missing back limb in a different picture.

She had obviously had a significant, expensive procedure that her current owners couldn’t afford. All the puzzle pieces came together after talking to him. On New Year’s Eve, the dog and her owner were reunited.

After all of the difficulties, the dog did not forget him and was happy to be back at home. She was welcomed there with an abundance of treats and cozy embraces. The man claimed that he is still unable to accept what happened. He views the dog’s unexpected return as a genuine New Year’s miracle.

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