A dog who has been missing for eight years is reunited with his owner in a heartbreaking encounter.

The moment this man entered the home and left his two dogs in the yard is when everything began. His monsters were able to scale the fence and escape. After a long night of searching, the man learned from his neighbors that the dogs had entered a farmer friend’s sheep field, so he shot a firearm at them.

One of the dogs passed away there and then, while the other, hurt, fled into the woods.The man’s family has been searching for a pet for months without success, publishing educational flyers and offering a reward for any tips regarding the dog.

With each passing day, the likelihood of finding the dog decreased. Eight years after his dog disappeared, the owner got a call informing him that a dog that resembled his missing pet had been found. The man quickly walked away.

He spent four hours driving in an effort to find his missing companion. It was his beloved puppy, proving that his lengthy journey had not been in vain. He looked at the owner as tears started to form in his eyes. The dog came up to the man and started licking his face as if they hadn’t been apart for eight years.

The first night, the dog curled up next to his master and wouldn’t leave him for even a moment. He won’t fully recover for a very long time. Now is the time to slowly put on weight while being stress-free.

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