An adorable golden-beige pet raccoon has become an internet celebrity thanks to its adorable style

A two-year-old golden-beige raccoon named Yuta. He resides with his owner Wendy Tai in a normal Taiwanese city apartment. Yuta used to resemble his fluffy cousins in appearance, but now he has a stylish haircut and appears to be a fashionista. And the biggest celebrity on the Internet, as usual.

Wendy, 33, makes an annual trip to Yuta to undergo the required treatments. So the animal hairdresser offered to create a special look for the raccoon. Yuta appears to be enjoying himself right now; he has thousands of international social media fans, and for good reason.

Almost every day, Wendy updates her blog with new images and tales of her pet’s exploits. The raccoon was not very handsome as a young animal, and nothing indicated that he would develop into an Internet star, the owner said.

The raccoon and its owner like the new look since it made maintaining the animal’s fur, which required cleaning, easier. Wendy claims she won’t benefit financially from the celebrity of her cat. The animal’s back has since been embellished with a curly pattern. The animal now has a fresh look that makes it appealing.

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