The family took immediate action once they knew the girl’s origin is Chinese.

When they were just a few months old, David and Helen were abandoned. Despite not being related, they were pretty close. They are constantly shown holding hands, smiling, and being together in the photograph.

After finding that she had been adopted by a US family, Helen was disappointed that she would never see David again. Unfortunately, David stayed in China while Helen traveled to the US. Helen’s new parents were a couple.

Helen could be seen standing with the kid in the photo that was sent to the couple. Then the next-door family decided to assist Helen’s friend. Despite moving to Texas, Helen’s heart was still in China. They decided to adopt the child. The family had three young children, all under the age of five.

They were aware that raising David would be difficult because they already had four small children, yet they persisted. They genuinely wanted David and Helen to get back together. When David, 3, got off the plane, he was greeted by his family.

His good buddy was heading in his direction, he immediately understood. Helen met him as he arrived at the airport. They laughed and hugged as they sprinted toward one another.

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