The restaurant, which had previously been regularly vacant, became well-known when a monkey was hired as a waitress.

The owner of a Japanese restaurant was considering shutting the establishment due to a lack of patrons. One of the final days, he made a humorous effort to hire a monkey as a waiter. The owner was shocked to see that the monkey understood everything.

The Tavern is made to look like a traditional Japanese rice house. The establishment’s lack of popularity can be attributed to the prevalence of similar enterprises, particularly in small towns. Everything changed when the monkey was introduced. Yet-chan. 16-year-old Yet-chan was handed to the owner of the company by a friend.

He routinely brought the monkey to work, and it seems that the restaurant’s servers taught the smart animal how to do their jobs. I gave her some simple tasks at first.

Get some napkins and menus. But, according to reports, Now Yet-chan receives orders from customers on special order forms and serves meals. In addition to benefiting the restaurant, this marketing strategy helped it become well-known. People from all across the country visit the restaurant to observe the unusual waitstaff.

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