She still recalls and embraces the lion that saved her ten years ago.

This guy is incredibly lucky since he gives his mature and graceful lioness companion a strong embrace every morning. Vion Gunter, an activist, recently posted a video to his Facebook page in which he praised how a lioness meets him in the morning with adorably cuddly hugs.

The video gained popularity online and spread quickly. People’s curiosity in the video is understandable given how uncommon it is for a human and an animal to develop an enduring relationship. Vion promises that Sira, his favorite lioness, is beautiful, calm, and kind, and that hugging is his primary interest.

She presently lives in the house and likes to be petted on the head. It would be unrealistic to expect Sira to act any differently from the young man given her calm demeanor.

In 2013, when Sira was just a few months old, they also first connected. She was the only kid in the family because her mother had abandoned her before she was even born. Vion introduced her to the reserve, which marked the start of their enduring friendship.

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