These pictures of a cat wearing sandals made of its own hair have gone viral on the internet.

No matter how much you clean, vacuum, and wipe, no matter how hard you try to get rid of it, and no matter how many build up rollers you can buy, it seems like cat hair never truly goes away. Honestly, you can see it scuttling around in all sorts of places, including on the tops of your furniture, in the cracks in your floor, and, worst of all, all over your clothes!

Even while it may seem difficult to handle, some cat owners just decide to accept the shedding as it is and, after giving it some consideration, make an effort to really use the shedding hair.

Due to the scales on the hair roots, both dog and cat hair may get felted, and their fur may also be felted using the cotton fibre method.

But, since the results won’t likely be as smooth as when using wool or another type of hair, it necessitates some experience and might take longer. Although this cat was perplexed by his owner’s present, he clearly enjoyed it. What a sweet invention that works well for the cat.

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