The cat acts as a guide and helps the dog move by meowing when he loses his sight.

Everyone has heard of blind dogs leading the blind, but who leads the blind dogs? On the other hand, a blind dog has a special guide in the form of his “seeing cat” who can help him find his way. Blue lost his sight unexpectedly in 2020, which had a detrimental effect on his health:

He did, however, have a special companion to aid in his adjustment: Sally, the owner’s cherished cat. The owner claimed that her dog regularly invaded the cat’s territory and occasionally trod on her, which only got worse as Blue’s vision got poorer. The two animals didn’t always get along.

The two animals, however, grew closer as a result of Blue’s blindness. Sally tried to avoid being walked on, but the behavior persisted, and she is now Blue’s “guide cat.” The odd friendship has increased the animals’ already-close bond.

Blue was relieved to still be able to hear his friend’s voice after losing his sight had been a major worry. She may not be the friendliest and cuddliest cat among us, but she tells Blue that she loves him, and it is the most beautiful thing to see.

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