The meerkat, which was expelled from the petting zoo, now resides in the house and gets along well with the cat.

It should go without saying that animals and people can make friends just as readily even when they are from different species. A cat and a meerkat, while being quite different creatures by nature, may coexist together since they do not have the same thinking.

I once bought a meerkat from a zoo where it was just maintained as a living toy for children. The meerkat, Jaya, has gone through a lot in her little existence. Without the media, a bunch of youngsters would be holding the animals.

The creature was bought and sent to the South. When they searched for suitable lodgings, a woman brought him to her house. When he went home, he was immediately enamored with every member of his family—including the cat.

During this period, the charming meerkat grew acclimated to the woman; according to her, he wasn’t timid, didn’t flee when people offered to pet him, and even started to sleep on people’s mattresses. As a consequence, he kept living in this house together with the other occupants and his beloved cat.

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