The four kittens clutch their dog tightly, thinking it’s their mother.

A shelter requested assistance for a litter of 14-day-old kittens around two weeks ago. Hours later, they arrived to the sanctuary. Most rescue organizations were already at capacity, and bottle-fed kittens required extra effort.

They were cared for all day in the comfort of their own home by Thola, one of the volunteers, and her sisters. They seemed unhealthy, although they were typically sound. Before falling asleep deeply in their warm and gorgeous bed, they lovingly cleaned themselves.

The neighborhood Husky, Lillo, persisted on helping them. The dog has adopted several stray animals and enjoys seeing them whenever he or she comes across them. When the kittens first saw Lillo, they approached her as if she were their mother.

She loved her canine friend and climbed on top of her for comfort. The bravest of the four. Lillo was held to by him like a baby duckling. Look at how adorable Lillo and her new darlings’ friendship is! Lovely, right? We should adore dogs since they are always our little helpers.

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