The cat is shocked to discover that everything she encounters is intended for her because she has never had a home.

The initial months of Jina’s life were uncertain. Her only goal was to find a permanent home where she could finally unwind and let her future caretaker know that she could. After deciding to accept Jina and give her the permanent home she had long desired, she made her way to the shelter.

McCalum hadn’t seen Jina before hauling her up, so when she did, she just grabbed her carrier and headed home. When she arrived, Jina was already in her bassinet. Diana claimed that Jina was at first uncomfortable and unsure of what was happening.

Jina hesitated, but her new mother could see from the look on her face that she, too, was taken aback by how easy everything was for her. Jina was at home at last after so much doubt. It was worth the delay when she saw her new house for the first time and the expression on her face.

Jina needed about a week to get used to her new environment, but once she realized she would be remaining, she began to unwind. What do you believe this tale merits? Please tell us in the remarks.

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