Tim and Monicca Belluci enjoyed the long weekend in Madrid: Their relationship was ultimately made public.

Who would have imagined that these two famous people who are on different sides might fall in love? Everyone is shocked by a zeal. The following week, he and the actress went to Madrid for an occasion. The French media covered the story, and it was widely discussed.

Also, media outlets like Here have shown the opinion without making an effort to conceal it. Following that, they visited a Spanish institution to watch a stunning flamenco performance. Madrid is a beautiful place for a newlywed couple just beginning their relationship.

You are able to create lasting memories. The actress and the director have known one other for a very long time. Why didn’t they talk to one other sooner? In 2006, they met at the Cannes Film Festival.

Despite the fact that they didn’t really know one another well, their beautiful moment occurred during the occasion.

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