Rihanna made public the news of her second pregnancy at the Super Bowl: This performance will live in the memory forever.

This day was eagerly awaited by the many millions of Riri admirers. In actuality, the artist hasn’t put out any new records since founding her cosmetics brand. In addition, it has been a very long time since we have seen her play live. Yet she made the choice to come back on stage for the halftime performance.

Understandably, she had been preparing for this event for a number of months. She did not, however, start a tour following the Concert as Beyoncé did. Many users believed she would act in a similar manner. It seems like waiting for new music or performances makes no sense.

It is true that the singer is expecting her second child. This became evident as soon as she entered the stage for the Halftime Show. Remember, her son was born nine months ago.

But if she is actually expecting a child, it makes sense why the celebrity has been discussing parenting so much lately in interviews and during the press conference before the event. Online users are therefore eagerly expecting her response. They also congratulate her on having just given birth to her second child.

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