Unaware that she is being videotaped, a young woman helps a blind guy.

Given how regularly reports occur in newspaper headlines and news broadcasts, it seems as though there is no space in the world for goodness or even merely good news. A single tiny occurrence on a US street, though, may revive trust in mankind.

The small good Samaritan woman was captured on camera by an idly passing photographer. The film rapidly gained popularity on the network. The undercover photographer turned out to be Daniel Smith, who just so happened to be on the roof of a downtown skyscraper and spotted a nice act. A woman assisted a blind guy in calling a cab.

In order to discuss the little girl’s inspiring gesture, Daniel snapped a photo of the situation and posted it on Facebook. The image went viral when more than a thousand people liked Daniel’s post on his Facebook page.

She asked about his need for support, and he said it would be great. She had never met Daniel before, who shot the photo of the Good Samaritan, but they just so happened to be in the same spot at the same time.

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