The kind worker who bought a woman’s gas is commended and given eight years’ worth of pay.

An employee helped a girl who had forgotten her wallet at home by helping her pay for petrol. The man didn’t realize that just helping one woman at a petrol station, he would make 32,972.94 USD, or eight times his regular wage!

A 21-year-old woman found herself in the difficult situation of having to pay for gas while having left her bank cards at home. The girl was helped by the helpful gas station employee, who also gave her $6.31 for petrol. He saw to it that the customer made it back home without incident and with a full tank.

The girl subsequently returned to the petrol station to pay the kind man, but the tale is not yet over. The man’s generosity and understanding had pleased the girl, and she wanted to thank him for them.

She created a campaign known as crowdsourcing to raise money for a good man. The man was obviously ecstatic to get such a prize. Because of the woman, the father was able to construct a home, fund his children’s education, and settle his debts.

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