A brave dog rushes to save his owner from a snake assault.

The owner of this dog avoided getting bitten by a snake thanks to the dog. He made sure I would get bit by leaping directly in front of my foot. She penned, “This is how a hero appears.

I was climbing the hill in the morning when it all happened. The dog knew what to do: he rushed at his master’s feet with venomous fangs digging into his snout when the owner neglected to see the spotted white rattlesnake lying on the road. The lady grabbed the puppy in her arms and sprinted to a nearby medical clinic with another of her pets while her savior wailed from the bite.

After receiving an injection of an antidote, the dog was allowed 12 hours to recover at home. As the owner tweeted about the event on social media, everyone was worried. To reassure everyone who left comments on the post that the brave dog was doing better, the owner shared a picture of the animal. Thank you for your kind remarks, she wrote.

The woman indicated that she was aware of the risks of snakes, but that she had merely failed to spot the rattlesnake on the road. This snake didn’t try to disguise its look, she said. Usually, when I hear this crack, I am conscious and step back. She continued on by developing a platform to aid dogs that had been bitten by snakes.

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