A cute baby seal finds a boater who is filming a selfie.

Recently, a man decided to spend some time boating. At some point, he stopped and made the decision to snap a selfie. He suddenly became aware that he had made a new acquaintance. From the ocean, a seal surfaced and ascended the boat. The animal approached the man and even placed its face on his shoulder, demonstrating how kind it was.

This seal appears really keen to capture the scene on camera! The man set the camera and made the wise decision to take a video rather than a picture. As a result of this, we now have the opportunity to witness this fortuitous encounter as well.

A seal entered the boat, but it didn’t seem to notice the people inside. The audio clip suggests that this seal, who was alone himself, chose to venture outside and find some new companions.

Seals seldom show this amount of warmth toward humans, despite the fact that they normally get well with people.

Surely, there is still another way that what happened may have happened. He most likely believed the man to be a fisherman and asked him to split the food.

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