When bird wings turn into rainbows, a photographer captures the spectacular moment, making the images even more priceless.

A guy was taking in the day while relaxing on his porch when he spotted the amazing sight! The tiniest details seem to be a rainbow when sunrises brush across a hummingbird’s wings (when it is in flight).

The man observed the odd appearance while observing a black hummingbird. Prism effects like these are extremely unlikely to be seen to human eyes. He has been fascinated by these rainbow gems for a very long time, and in 2012, a short video included some of his images of hummingbirds.

It had a solid reputation for being a big success (it won 11 international awards including that of best film). He had never before witnessed the amazing prism effect. He went back to take another picture of it years later.

The photographer stated, “I chose to film the same phenomena with my camera.” There is no particular technique at play; all that can be seen is light crossing this unique hummingbird’s wings.

However, the fact that our eyes cannot see it proves that it is a natural secret. See more of his stunning images by scrolling down! The most beautiful thing in the world is our mother nature, which we should preserve.

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