A talented nine-year-old sells his exquisite paintings of animals to raise money for animal shelter supplies.

Russian boy Vladimir, age 9, took the decision to start helping a dog shelter. To feed all the animals there, a daily minimum of 45 pounds of oats and an equivalent amount of meat is required (around 100). How is a volunteer this young able to help?

The child has a talent for sketching, and he could even sell his works to earn money for new gadgets like phones or toys. Vladimir instead donates his time to the shelter in exchange for the animals’ food and medication. He wanted to help them in some way and take care of them. Vladimir draws unique depictions of animals from information and images provided by the pet’s owner.

Unexpectedly, demands came from people other than simply animal enthusiasts. Order processing is now so backed up that new ones are temporarily not accepted. For the final 40 of his works, the young guy purchased 1100 pounds of food, supplies, and veterinary drugs.

Without gaining government support, generating big amounts of revenue, receiving media attention, having offices, and having a sizable workforce. It could be possible to discover a way to make the world a better place with the ability and perseverance of one modest caring individual.

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