Surfers attempted to save a whale for six hours after hearing it scream.

When a bunch of nearby surfers gathered to fight the waves, something unexpected and peculiar happened. At dawn, one of the surfers, Mauriccio, and his party noticed a “black lump” at the adjacent stream.

The surfers then decided to swim closer to check what was happening after hearing a real animal’s cry from that same place. About 50 meters downstream, they came across a tiny whale that had been abandoned. The animal was given back to the big ocean by the surfers.

Mauriccio saw that he was unable to keep above the water and looked to be too fatigued to even attempt swimming back. Whatever the case, the tale did not end there.

Mauriccio and his friends made the decision to remain with the child until he regained his composure. This process takes almost six hours. Numerous locals stopped over at various points to observe what was happening.

Since the amazing animal would retreat to deep waters if the tide rose, respectable surfers chose to follow this course of action. He dived back into the ocean after six hours. All praise goes to the heroic men.

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