There are superheroes among us; one man spent $16,000 and 16 years to resemble Superman.

Fernando Casillas underwent a significant transformation to realize his boyhood dream of becoming Superman. In order to resemble a blue-eyed superman rather than a dark-skinned Asian, he has already had 23 cosmetic surgeries.

In reality, Casillas worked for the ideal for 22 years of his life. He is 41 years old right now! A beer belly is the single challenge the superhero cannot in any way conquer. Casillas even required the services of a PA. The latter inspired him to start working out and stop eating chocolate at night.

He had to abandon his other obsession with height for the same reason. Considering that a superhero in a comic book is much taller than 170 cm. Despite the fact that the average hourly pay in the Philippines is only $1.4, the man paid $7,000 for his look.

The man is reluctant to share his secret for how he made money on all of these activities because of his upbringing in a family. His father is a cab driver, while his mother runs a food cart. He likes to make kids laugh, smile, and have hope as he works as an animator for kids.

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