Optimistic young woman who succeeded in gymnastics despite being born without both legs at age 8.

This young lady deserves to be seen by everyone. So let’s get to know young athlete and oddball Alina Kalenjin. It is true that the girl was born without legs. As their daughter got older, the parents saw that she was watching the gymnasts’ performances with great interest.

The girl would just be sent to training so she could get in shape and build up her arms, but it was agreed to try it. It may be said that the parents had no idea that their daughter had turned gymnastics from a simple pastime into her career.

Our little heroine declared her intention to continue competing and honing her gymnastics. It is astonishing to hear that in addition to gymnastics, the girl has a keen interest in swimming, cheerleading, and archery. Parents support their beloved daughter in all she does and are happy that she never stops grinning.

In addition, the young prodigy met Olympic champion L. Podopayeva when she attended the event in America. She was so pleased with the young athlete’s success that she posted a picture of the two of them on her Instagram page.

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