A man and a polar bear have been swimming in the same pool as friends for more than 20 years.

The first partner of Sam Dumas, a 68-year-old Canadian, helped him become famous across the world. Even though she and her pal have been close for 24 years, she regularly swims in the pool with an unexpected visitor, a polar bear.

Sam, an accredited animal trainer, has owned Agee the polar bear as a pet for the past 24 years. She values spending time with her master and addresses him as if he were a family member. She weights more than 351 kg and has lived with people since birth.

Sam personally oversaw her training. In 1996, she had her first job as a youngster; now, she is a movie and advertisement star. The man has become so used to his bear that he finds it impossible to envisage life without her. He claims that the maximum lifespan of a polar bear outside of its native habitat is 36 years.

Something like this won’t ever be seen on a daily basis. The bear has everything she needs and lives in the most luxurious setting. Who would have believed that the tie between them could be that strong? Isn’t that incredible?

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