A young man was greeted by a stray cat who jumped into his arms and urged him to adopt it.

According to several adoption stories, pets regularly pick their owners and come to recognize that they want to live with this particular person. Animals can tell whether a person is nice and optimistic, and by focusing on this, they may determine whether or not to befriend them.

This young man exudes good vibes already. A cat from a shelter named Lulu selected him. As soon as he entered the shelter, she saw him. She didn’t look away from the man; she kept her attention riveted on him.

When the man appeared to notice that the cat was paying close attention to him, he picked him up and held him in his arms. Lulu started to exhibit all of her charm and was incredibly kind and loving. The young man felt they had a mutual attraction as soon as they laid her very firmly in his arms.

She is now a contented and healthy cat who is delighted with her new life with her loving owner, whom she independently picked. He brought her to the vet right away. What a lovely cat, yes? Tell us what you believe.

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